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design discovery

from spot to plot:

a model for re-purposing surface level parking into affordable housing


the final project for design discovery at the harvard gsd completed by myself, maximilien chong, and emily latinsky-ortiz.

at the moment, This page shares the design portion i worked on. I used qgis, rhino, and illustrator.

my group and i are working on creating a more succinct booklet for this project which will share more in-depth policy suggestions and the work of my peers.



AN 80, 730 SQUARE FOOT SURFACE PARKING LOT in cambridgeport, MASSACHUSETTS. single-use commercial lot with a grocery store, electronics shop, rug seller, and a starbucks.

We propose to alter this space into a mixed-use lot by changing zoning ordinances.

This space could provide 101,775 feet of livable and green space, 236 bedroom units, and at least 103 units subsidized for low-income to medium-low income residents.

alternatives for surface-level parking

Programming alternatives for surface level parking

Programming alternatives for surface level parking


6 phases.